Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Dontcha? Wonder? no no, not just because it's conveniently the title of my latest page (see below--YES, ANOTHER Ireland page---and you can stop your whining right now because they're going to continue for quite a while :)) but wonder about all sorts of things......let me tell you what I'm wondering about lately, digital scrapbooking. I guess I just don't GET a lot of it.

What I do understand is the ability to alter images and place graphics on images--I think that's GREAT--I've done that--but then I PRINT them, and use them on my page. Is it because I'm just a very tactile person that I'm put off my digital scrapping? Is it that I like having ink and paint on my hands? Is it that I like to feel my work? Is it that I like to have bins and bins of ribbons and buttons and chipboard etc, and not just a disc of elements? Maybe.
When the digital scrapbook revolution really first "arrived" even though I didn't take part in it, I certainly gave props to my friends like Heidi Jones--who created her own elements and worked her photoshop like a government mule......she was doing something that I just didn't have the skillset or drive to do, kudos to her. But now, all these digital kits, I'm not a fan. Today I saw a layout that I thought was quite nice--but THEN I saw the dreaded DG KIT in the description, and it completely changed my mind--why? because the layout was SO SIMPLE.....it easily could have been done by the scrapper in a matter of minutes, and I have no idea why she relied on a digital kit of all things for it. If it was to be a paper piece, I would have really admired the simple lines and design, but for digital--it was too simple--bland--and if she paid money for it--she overpaid, at any cost. I really like the layout though--and I guess that's why I'm annoyed. grrrrr. I've even found myself commenting on people's layouts in the past saying, "please, no, say it's not digital!" because I wanted to know the techniques they used and the manufacturer of the elements only to find out they're computer generated.............and not meant for this world....yet.
I could go on another rant here about all the people who scan PP and use it in digital layouts excessively and how that's technically copyright infringement and illegal, and how they're hurting the business of not only the manufacturers of the paper but the actual designers of the pp.......................but I wont. :)
Bottom line.......I'm not a digi chick...I think we all know that. I'm a "get your hands dirty and glitter in your eyebrows" sort of gal. I want a scrapbook page that you can feel and touch the elements. I know, it's not right of me to expect the same of all scrappers, I shouldn't restrict people's creative ability.............but I want to make sure they're not limiting their own either.


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