Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog challenge 2.0

or would it be 1.1........................I was never good with that stuff, well it's my darn blog so I say it's 2.0!!!!
So, today Joz wants us to blog about " What food combination makes you go "YUM", while others may go "EEEK!"" HMMM, well I actually had to call my husband on that one--because apparently EVERYTHING I eat is weird according to my friends and family!

Here's the deal, I don't eat meat. I prefer my lunch meat to be alive, grazing in a pasture somewhere. So, I eat lots of vegetables and grains and god help me dairy products (which I really need to cut down on) when I asked my husband Jason "what kind of weird foods do I eat" he had a whole list ready, "um Tabouli, Cous-Cous, Edamame, .............." those aren't weird to me though, those are just delicious...........mmmmmmmmm chelsea hungry. I then clarified to him that I meant food combinations. He was stuck, as he still just thinks everything I eat is weird.........god love'm.

Then it dawned on me.......the story of how Erik and I became best friends. Back in the day, oh, about 1997 I worked at a 50's style restaurant. (it's now been demolished and turned into a walgreens, but that's another blog for another day)....I had only worked there for a few days and met Erik briefly and befriended him. I was going to be having a mini party of sorts that evening and invited Erik. He and I ended up hanging out after work and he came over to my place before the party and we decided to order pizza, and here's where the story takes and odd and important turn.............when I said, "what kind?" we both said "'pinapple and olive?" at the same time. NOW, WHO SAYS THAT? WHO? I'll tell you who--two people, who are obviously meant to be best friends..........we just stood there shocked for a moment, history in the making...all over a pizza.
Go figure.
(here we are in California in June, 8 years later, still the best of friends!)


Blogger Rene said...


I LOVE pineapple on pizza.

And you crack me up. "mmmmmmmmm, Chelsea hungry"! HA!

August 31, 2006  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

YUCK!!!! It must of been love, cause that pizza souns yucky!!! LOL.

August 31, 2006  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

Chelsea! You just crack me up! I have to meet you sometime! You are a riot! Anyone that sounds like the "cookie monster"...."MMM.....Chelsea hungry", has got to be on my A list!

I love P/A!


August 31, 2006  

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