Thursday, May 10, 2007

me, my rad new bike and other ramblings

I've been busy--what can I say.........okay, maybe a little lazy too when it comes to my blogging--but mostly busy--really, I promise.
It seems like CKU Detroit was just yesterday and we're already getting geared up and ready to rock out Anaheim Cali style! WEST COAST!!!

Today I had to have new headshots done for work--I felt so silly--well, I am there!
This is probably what they consider an outtake
--but it's my favorite!
followed closely by this one. :)

When I got home for lunch, Jason noticed that my outfit matched my new rad bike, so of course I made him take pictures.

by the way, I named her (my bike) "Large Marge"--after the trucker in PeeWee's big adventure, afterall my bike is pretty peewee-esque. It was a toss up between Symone and Large Marge....and Marge won. (us big girls have to stick together).
Tell me that bike doesn't ROCK! I already have a mountain bike that I love to put good mileage on in good weather, but I needed something fun to too around in, and being the loud retro gal I am, this bike just screamed "take me home" so of course I did! It even has a kick arse little bell on it--so I can alert people of my dork-osity!
When I ride around on it I like to do the song of the wicked witch of the west.
I need to get a basket for the front. (as if I don't look geeky enough)
I also have a cool red and white striped hoodie that looks really cute while riding, because we know it's very important to make a fashion statement while riding. :)

Jason and I are taking off this weekend to drive down to Missouri. My "little" brother is graduating from college---EEK! I feel so old! I'm really proud of him...Good job Stephen! GO TIGERS!

Speaking of Jason, here's a recent layout. :)

OH MY GOSH...........I almost forgot--IT'S shout-out Thursday!

Well, Jason gets a shout out today for being the grill and bbq kind of Mankato. He bought a big green egg recently and has been rocking out some awesome food--mmmm, salmon....mmm pizza on the egg.........mmm. He has a few other grills and smokers too and is never at a shortage of things to do with them--as a matter of fact-we're bringing dinner over to his parents tonight so he can delight them with his culinary genius.

Melissa Kelley gets a HUGE shout out today for rockin' out some great work for the DT lately, and doing tons of extra-- way to go Miss thang.


Blogger shelscraps said...

Friend- i've missed you.... love the new bike! Try not to injure your vagina. (lol) Been busy but wanted to say hey!

Michelle D. your new BFF

May 17, 2007  
Blogger shelscraps said...

I've missed you.... love the new bike you are so retro cool. Try to not injure your vagina (lol). Been busy but wanted to say hey.

Your BFF Michelle D. from CKU Detroit.

May 17, 2007  
Blogger Denise said...

Cute bike! I need something other than my beat-up mountain bike, too. Hmm...

Mankato? I have a good friend in Fulda. Don't remember if that's close or not...

May 18, 2007  
Anonymous Cara said...

The photos are BEYOND darling! Love your polkie' dot dress and your gorgeous smile.
Miss ya,

May 22, 2007  

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