Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm tired--but not too tired to shout out

okay--I've been a bad blogger this week--you've got me on that. I've just been so busy though.
Here's a bulletpoint to catch you up to speed. (because you care, you really do)

*I’m tired…as in physically exhausted…as in I crawl into bed and sleep for days tired.
*I have 2 projects tonight to do and no energy—wonder how that’s going to pan out
*My desk is a mess
*My studio is even messier
*The needle on my sewing machine broke, and I don’t have a replacement at home—which means a dreaded trip to walmart—pray for me
*My toenails aren’t growing back to my satisfaction

OH, I almost forgot—it’s SHOUT OUT THURSDAY…..I better muster up some energy!
Let’s see, who’s getting some loud love today?
First of all, Cara Bresette Yates—she’s over in China for work for a few weeks. So now that she’s a couple continents away and a dozen time zones to boot, I’m sending her an international shout out. Cara, you’re a rockstar and I love ya babe! You’ve always been a good friend and inspiration, and I’m so glad we’re getting to work closely together. (which reminds me—I gotta get back to Omaha)

Second shout out goes to my husband…(insert the collective, “AW” here). You make me laugh (even though sometimes it’s not on purpose, lol) and I love you. I love sitting on the floor and playing boggle with you. I love watching American Idol with you, even though you hate every minute of it. I love that I’ve secretly turned you into an Ugly Betty fan—even though you won’t admit it. I love that you went and got me Massad’s for dinner because I was jonesin for some good lebonese food.
Shout Out #3, La Tonya Boike—she’s one hard working scrapper—and does a kick arse job, if I do say so myself. (and I do)
Shout Out #4, my stalker. (you know who you are. J ) Thanks for the good conversations.
And now it's time for me to crawl in bed.


Anonymous ~ Ki ~ said...

Hi Chels! Sorry I haven't visited in a while! Obviously I haven't visited CBY's either and didn't know she was in China - WOW!

March 30, 2007  
Anonymous kara jones said...

awesome shout outs! I hope you got some rest!

April 01, 2007  

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