Thursday, February 22, 2007

The House of Ugly Shoes

Well, I went to the podiatrist. It was like some orthotic wearing cult in there I tell you--not a heeled shoe to be found--except the pretty ones on my feet--and I tell you, they gave me the look of sheer disgust when I walked in, as if a city slicker had just walked into their country bumpkin watering hole--and the music suddenly stopped. As I sat there on the vintage waiting room furniture, circa 1965, I was afraid they were going to try to lure me into their comfort wearing cult.............but alas I made it out safely with my heels...........oh, and bandaids on my toes.

Still working on my album for Erik from my trip to California recently. Here's a couple new ones. The Drag show one holds a special place in my heart, lol---that was such a fun night--and I love Miss Kitty!


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