Monday, January 08, 2007

beachside blogging

I'm down in Florida, enjoying an actual vacation. Despite the fact that we've had an extremely mild winter this year, the sun is nonetheless appreciated along with a week off of work.
I enjoyed 2 kayak rides yesterday, the first with Trish, and the second with Jason. Trish and I made our way out to the sandbar, walking around and discovering sealife. We found some beautiful Conch shells, but unfortunately, the Conch animal-thing was still in it, so I couldn't take the shell. :( But I did manage to find a great sand dollar and star fish. Also swam a bit at the pool yesterday and took a nap pool side; it's a tough life down here.

Today it turned a bit cool and rainy but we managed to capture some time in the sun early in the day and enjoy a bike ride. We headed down to the nature preserve along side the bridge where the bay turns into the gulf.
Of course, I'm always the one taking the photos--my precious nikon in hand--perhaps I'll let someone take a picture of me in Florida this week, to prove I was on vacation. :)


Anonymous Cara said...

Looks beautiful! I want to see more pictures. Some with your pretty face in them too!

January 10, 2007  

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