Monday, October 30, 2006

giddy up

that's right--this city slicker looks good on a horse too! lol....It's one of my inlaws horses (they have 6--2 clydesdales, an apaloosa, a couple quarter horses, and a little colt). It was their annual hayride party this weekend, so I got my boots on and headed out to the farm. Giddy-up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chels!

OK, I just realized three things we have in common... you're a Capricorn and so am I. You know of an Appaloosa horse, I live on Appaloosa Trail!

I also like to r-ide! ;) Giddy up!


October 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a capi too! Reckon that is why we all jive so well lol

well guess by my screen name on aol BARRELL RUNNER what I used to do growing up lolol (rodeo, barrellrace and trail ride, team pen)

November 01, 2006  

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