Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blog challenge 12.0

Televison addictions, must-watch? Inquiring minds, i.e. JOZ wants to know. :)
Well, on Monday, Jason and I must watch Prison Break.....besides the fact that it's a great show....there's a certain Wentworth Miller (see "it's getting hot in here" blog) that needs to be drooled over. Tuesday--it's whatever is on FX at 9---depending on what season it is--that's either NIP/TUCK, The Shield, or Rescue Me...........all amazing dramas. I think I get a day off on Wednesday--or is that the night that the new 6 degrees show is on? If so, I'm now addicted to that. I believe Thursday nights is 'til death....which turns out to be a hillarious comedy, and I'm diggin' "happy hour" that comes on after that........my addiction then skips a couple days until Sunday, when I have to visit the Desperate housewives on Wisteria Lane.
I sadly am starting to now get addicted to Greys anatomy though too---which is sucking up more time---I wish I had more willpower and could turn it off--but I can't.....and with 4 tv's in the house I can always multi task!


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