Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Thanks y'all" (NSBR BLOG!!!!)

Amy and Emily (the Indigo Girls) rocked the house last night in Mankato. Their shows are always an amazing time, and I've never left a show without a renewed spirit and call to action.

I've been a big IG (Indigo girls, not italian greyhound--although they are cute little buggers, I just like my full-size greyhound better...anyway, I digress) since the early 90's--I suppose around 91 or 92. With every song, every album, every lyric I read, I know it's more than their amazing melodies and acoustic strumming that I love, it's what they stand for.
If I wasn't living scenes from Office Space on a daily basis and scrapbooking, I think I'd go on the road with the Indigo Girls, (that of course in a fantasy world where I'm cool enough to hang out with them), be surrounded by their beautiful music and fight against social injustices with them......seriously, they rock, big time.
IG remind us that we're human, that we make mistakes--but they also remind us that we have to make up for a lot of mistakes that other people have made, and we can't just sit around if we want to the world to be a better place. Complacency is not an option. Remember, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.


THIS IS WHAT I STAND FOR..................................

I didn't tell you this to make friends, and I didn't tell you this to make enemies--I told you this because we shouldn't live our lives behind walls, afraid of what people might think if they know who we are and what we believe in...........I'm more afraid of what you might think of me if I didn't stand up for what and who I believe in.

I have a gay brother. 3 of my best friends in the world are gay. 2 of my greatest heroes and influences on my life are gay.............and I know that God loves them just as much as every other creature that he created....because he created them that way, to love and honor him. Everyone should have the same right to love another person, to marry another person, to raise children with another person, to share insurance with another person, to be protected under the law with another person.....no matter what their sex. Had gay marriage been the issue it is today when I got married, I would have seriously discussed not getting married with my husband---because I would not shop in a store that discriminated against people, why would I marry in a country that discriminates against people.........I support a total US marriage boycott until the laws are changed. I don't deserve any benefits that those I love cannot receive.

When I was 17 I got my first tattoo on my ankle--one I stand proudly with today, a large purple women's symbol....stand together, stand strong......there are a lot of young women today who take for granted that which our mothers and grandmothers struggled for, and what we must continue to fight for, not only for ourselves, but our daughters............and our sisters in other countries who haven't yet realized our dream.

Last year, over 12,000 greyhounds were killed simply because they weren't "good enough"----they were too slow, or fell on the track, or god forbid wanted to play. I belong to an amazing greyhound organization, and along with other organizations over 14,000 dogs were adopted and saved last year---but adoption isn't enough--we need to stop the over-breeding, stop the culling, stop the racing, stop the kennel abuse.

Child abuse is preventable. You can do something about it. Help a child, Help a family, Help the Future.

I want to know what you stand for, and why you stand for them--I want to know what you're doing about it--are you writing and speaking to your lawmakers, and at the very least voting for lawmakers? Are you involved in your community, your world around you? Are you standing for something, or falling for anything?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...lots to think about here. I mean there is lots of stuff I am 'for' and 'against'...but as far as DOING anything....welllll...I am kinda not really out there. Hmmmm...

October 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could have wrote that exact post! Just changing out Dalmatians for Greyhounds! Dals are also overbred and suffered terribly as a result of the Disney films! Dalmatian rescue is something I am very vocal about, dog rescue in general. Both of mine are rescues.
Gay issues - I totally agree, I have a lot of gay/bi friends and each of them deserves the same opportunities as anybody else. I'm all for same sex marriage. As long as you love the person the sexual orientation shouldn't matter.
Child abuse - very vocal about this!
I'm a vegetarian for health and animal rights reasons. I won't budge EVER on that. I will not eat at McDonalds etc. I don't preach it, unless asked ;)
womens rights - YES! When we came to the USA and I had to stop work, I struggled for a while with my "housewife-ness" feeling like I'd been thrown back decades. But I realised that generations of women in my family had also been housewives. They are all strong and independant women. I think this is one area in which scrapbooking has helped me grow, appreciating everything my family has gone through!
Great post! thanks for the thought provoking entry!

October 31, 2006  
Blogger Rene said...

What a great blog, babe! Jozzie turned me on to it - I haven't been on STM much at all lately - many other things going on for me right now so sb in general is on the back burner!! Anyway, loved your blog. It is SO important to know what you stand for, and to do something about it! Funny - I've been doing some research on things that are important to me lately, so this really hit home. And you've inspired me to blog about my own "causes". Haven't yet, but I am definitely going to.

Love ya! Miss ya! And can I just say - I MISS CHICAGO!!!! ARGH!!!!

November 01, 2006  

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