Tuesday, January 02, 2007


"Fill your paper with breathings of your heart"
-William Wordsworth

I made myself a new journal last night….and guess what, I actually WROTE IN IT! For those of you who aren’t aware—I’ve been a collector of journals for years. I have dozens that I’ve purchased or have been gifted or created myself, but they sit like pieces of art on my shelf. You see, I’m afraid…………..I’m afraid that what I might write inside, sloppy handwriting including will take away, and ultimately “ruin” the pure beauty that I once saw in the journal. If I ever did get around to writing in it, I would ALWAYS skip the first three pages, so if someone was to crack open said journal, it looked blank and untouched. But not yesterday—I dove in on the first page, messy left handed penmanship and all, and started writing—not even thinking ahead about what I was going to say. It was so liberating!

It’s part of my new start—one of those cliché new years resolutions. I promised myself I’d write more—physically write, with a pen, like I used to in high school and college. I want to rediscover my writers bump, and the smear of ink that comes with being left handed.

I love writing---I love putting words together and drawing emotions. I love run on sentences. I promise to write poetry again…I was pretty darn good at it once, if I do say so myself (pat on back, lol) I won the outstanding undergraduate poetry award in college. I was published in a couple anthologies around that same time as well—but my greatest literary honor came my senior year of high school, when a poem of mine won an award and I along with several other students from the region met the famed Poet, Gwendolyn Brooks and got to read our works to her. That was an amazing experience, and I am forever grateful.

That being said, I need to get back to that place—that passion, that closeness with ink…and not my rubber stamp ink (although we’re pretty tight).

So, that’s resolution #1. Resolution #2 is to be creative EVERY DAY this year. Now, that may be challenging as I travel quite a bit, but if I embrace writing again, that gives me another creative outlet on the road, or when my studio is just too messy to take on a project. (hmmmm, maybe resolution #3 should be keep studio clean—but we all know that’s NOT gonna happen!)

As yesterday was the first day of the year—I made my journal—I didn’t take a picture of it yet though—so in its place I’ll post the layout I did the day before. It’s a picture I took last year. One of those sights that pulled me over to the side of the road to capture the image, and I’m glad I did! I, of course, distressed the heck out of the paper. (and people think basic grey is already distressed! Ha! Not enough for me!...I do love their stuff though!) Fun with chipboard, paint and walnut ink too. TFL! (Ok, I lied--I guess I'm not posting it because blogger hates me for some reason--I'll try again in a bit---grrrr)

Oh, and resolution #3, YES, I’ll start blogging regularly again!


Blogger Jason Again said...

Chelsea, congrats on embracing your old love for writing. You are a beautiful and creative person and Im and the more outlets you use to share this, the better.

Happy New Year.

January 03, 2007  
Anonymous Ki Kruk said...

Hey, good on ya! You posted! Was coming to check on you to make sure you updated as you said you would at STM! LOL! And now that your resolution #3 is to keep blogging, I'll be checking in on you frequently to make sure you stick to it! (((hugs)))

January 04, 2007  

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