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CHA was a blast, no doubt, but when it comes to California, there’s nothing more fun than spending time with my best friend in the whole world, Erik. So, on Wednesday night through Saturday afternoon I spent down in the LBC (that’s how we ghetto fabulous people say Long Beach. :))
Wednesday we were both exhausted and grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back to Erik’s place to play cards. (Our obsession with beating each other at Rummy 500 goes back for years—and we take it very seriously)
Thursday morning, we had every intention of waking up early and getting a jump start on the day—good intentions, but totally not realistic. After finally getting adorable (cuz we are), we headed out to Starbucks for 11 word drinks. Erik’s was “Vente Soy Triple Shot hazelnut iced latte, extra ice, no whip……I knew I couldn’t follow up that performance so I simply had an iced Chai………..after all, I’m no California girl.
We went to the Coast Hotel, Long Beach, where Erik works…he showed me around---and did his managerial face for me in his office.

After that we headed down PCH, (that’s local speak for Pacific Coast Highway—I’m so with the in crowd)….and stopped for lunch at Sushi Studio---yummer, me loves some sushi!

While at lunch I called my lil’ sis on the phone and told her we’d be picking her up @ 4:00 at School. She goes to FIDM, (fashion institute of design and merchandising) in Los Angeles…………so we headed out and hit the 405 freeway towards the city of angels.
There’s a great little shop on the corner at FIDM, where all the proceeds go to support scholarships….it had some great fun clothes and what-nots in there—and who am I do resist the what nots?!?!!
And guess what I found---bags of buttons for a buck each—and my ever so growing addiction to buttons got a much needed fix……….here Erik is trying to hold all the bags-o-buttons I’d be buying.
Off to get Irene’s ID in the valley then (where she lives with my other sister)….. (Side note---why didn’t she HAVE HER ID WITH HER!?!?!?) so, we’re on our way back to the LBC, and Irene is insistent that she is “very hungry” and we need to bring all this leftover pizza in the car with us---even though it’s only a 35 minute drive---but there’s no arguing with “the bean” (Erik’s official name for my reenie beanie sister Irene).
Once back in the LBC we beautify ourselves—Irene even let me do her hair and makeup—but then she told me I made her look like a Ho….I think she’s pretty pretty—you be the judge.Our friend Melissa joined us and then we all headed out to get some good eats.
We went to a great little Taqueria on Broadway—where I learned that the nickname I’d been calling my sister HER WHOLE LIFE was not appropriate in the taqueria—apparently it’s a racial slur…….oopsie doopsie---so not intended that way. (she’s still be Beaner to me—just not in public I guess)
Then we’re off again for the real fun to begin—(oh PUHLEEZE, everyone knows where ever Erik and I there’s FUN!!!) So, we get to Mick and Mac’s for the Thursday night Drag Show—which turns out to be a Drag Show/Talent Contest---and it was fabulous.
Here we are after the and Erik and the bean with our friends Matt and Mike---Matt is our favorite Barrista at the LBC starbucks. Him and Mike are too cute for their own good. :)
Okay--then we drove the bean all the way back to the valley--she was none-to-happy when I picked her up out of the car--hey, she was sleeping--I was trying to be a good big sister!
The next day, started off as any good day should--an 11 word drink at Starbucks, and a helluva sandwich at TOGO's---then off to Sunset beach!

and why were we in Sunset Beach? Well, we had to go to Sharky's to get some new ink!!
my Grandpa's always said "here comes trouble" when I come in the room, and my Grandma always said I was her favorite little trouble maker---so why not get it permanently tattooed on me!
Here's Erik's new Ankle band--it matches a ring he had for years.
That night we went to a few local watering holes and met up with Melissa again and ended up at O'Connels to have a few and celebrate my last night in the LBC. Both her and Erik got phone #'s, so it was a good night. :)
The next day, sadly I had to leave--of course we hit starbucks again for an 11 word drink--and then to Hole Mole, because I can't resist a good fish taco!

Then Erik took me to LAX, and my trip came to an end. It was great times--can't wait to get back there! Because as we'd say, GOOD TIMES MAYNARD!


Blogger Gaspegirl said...

WOW, you really had a great time and did an awesome job documenting it!

February 09, 2007  
Blogger Stan said...

Hi Chelsea! I saw your post on Kim's blog and just had to take a look at yours. Wow, we should have hung out with you after the show. We went to LBC on Saturday for the day and had an early dinner by the Queen Mary. Looks like you had WAY more fun than we did though. The drag show would have been a blast, I love a good drag queen....and the new Tatt.....very cool! Anywho, it was great to meet you. Allen should be in Chicago with me so we will definatly plan something, k!

February 09, 2007  
Blogger Kim said...

Looks like fun times...glad you stopped by my Blog...I bookmarked yours in my favorites...I had a great time hanging out with you at CHA
keep in touch

February 15, 2007  
Blogger Kim said...

Looks like fun tims...Love the new Tatt. glad you found my blog. I have put yours i my favorites. I had a great time hanging out with you at CHA. Keep in touch.


February 15, 2007  

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