Monday, January 22, 2007

how did we survive before we were plugged in?

I often find myself wondering that........what on earth would I do without my laptop, my cellphone, my ipod, my digital camera? Well, we did exist before all these things, believe it or not--and we managed to thrive in a world where one actually hand wrote letters, where people couldn't call me at any time of day or night no matter where I was, where I would listen to music on a larger format than what fits in my pocket, where I actually developed film.
My aunt has a cabin in the mountains in California--when she goes there--she really goes away from everything. She turns her cell phone off, and the only thing calling her is nature. I wonder if I'd be able to unplug myself like that--or am I so attached to my email, my instant messages, my digital music, my gotta have it right now news, that the silence of nature would bore me? I hope not. I've always considered myself a nature girl---my best friend even says I'm "granola"---I hope my granola doesn't have to have a megabite.

That all being said, I have a challenge today: WRITE a letter.....a mean with a pen and paper--and a stamp! (you know that man that delivers that junk to your door every day, he'll actually deliver real mail too!) Instead of emailing someone your hellos and happenings today--tell them with ink, and remind them what your handwriting looks like--you might even remind yourself!


Anonymous Ki Kruk said...

I used to write letters all the time! I kept in touch with people more then, than I do now!

January 30, 2007  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

Hi Chelsea!

Hope you're doing well! I tagged you! Go check out my blog. I know it has nothing to do with being "unplugged" - BUT - if you want I can mail it to you! :)


January 31, 2007  
Blogger Cynthia said...

Great challenge, Chels! Yesterday, I made a card and wrote a little note to my friend! No emails, no phone, just the mailman and a note! :)

February 06, 2007  
Blogger NancyJones said...

ID totally write a letter then scan it and email it to ya (bwahahahaha)

ID DIE COMEPLETELY DIEEEEEEE IF I DIDNT HAVE MY COMPUTER GIRL YOu might as well chop off my head and arms nad legs and throw me over board Id die!

February 07, 2007  

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