Thursday, December 04, 2008

a much needed update

so, it's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd give an update. I've done photography for a few more weddings since my last post, including Elin and John. Here's a few shots from their special day.
I've also did quite a few senior photos this fall. Here's a couple shots of Alex. We had fun doing this one at a couple locations in town, including a train bridge with plenty of fun graffiti.

I've also done a shoot for a friend's art show and a local chef's cooking classes.

On to other news, there's a new addition to our family! Jason and I decided to adopt a new dog shortly after Monty passed away. We certainly weren't trying to replace Monty, but we knew the joy a dog brings, and we know there's so many greyhounds that need homes. That being said, in late October, we adopted Titan. (his racing name was "Mirage," but Jason and I agree that's better suited for strip clubs, and besides, he looks like a Titan....he's a big boy!) He's got more energy then any greyhound I've ever seen and loves to play! We've been having lots of fun with our new doggie.

Jason and I also visited Denver in October, for the Great American Beer Festival. (actually, while we were there we found out we were getting our doggie!) We had a great time at the festival and the pub crawl. One of my best friends also got married while we were in Denver and had a really fun ceremony and reception. (seriously fun---they broke "beer" bottles over eachothers head before their first kiss!) Congratulations Renee and Patrick!
We had a lovely thanksgiving with friends this year, which was great, especially because we didn't have to leave town! And a few short days before Thanksgiving two of our best friend's welcomed their second child into the world, and she's ADORABLE! (just like her mommy)
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and gave thanks to all the blessings in their lives!

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