Friday, September 19, 2008

I like heavy cream (and other blog titles you had to be there to understand)

including, "I wanted to be cool, but my husband bought me a Dell"

Another night of ooc fun and ridiculous ensued when Elroy and I went to see Neko Case last night.
So, I got to St. Paul to meet up at Elroy's house a bit after 4, and then we took off in his car from there. We parked near First Ave (where the show was) and headed on foot to find some dinner. We made a joint decision that Fago de Chao was not the answer, as I'm a vegetarian and Elroy is just generally disgusted by it. (but of course if I did eat meat, I would eat there because Ozzie Guillen is a spokesperson, lol), we think about the Mexican chain on the corner, but they're forever. So, we decide chinese might not be so bad so we walk into this little's central asia humid in there though and smells like old oil, so we leave..........then we come across fireside and decide that looks ok. We can't seem to find a hostess anywhere though and all the wait staff is running around in mass confusion (over their 2 tables?) by the time we see a host and look at the menu we we're over it like yesterday's cheese. So we move on...........we passed the farmers market on niccolet mall, where Elroy showed me the "local bananas." We head over to McCormick and Schmick's where I'm sure I'm going to have some overpriced sheeshee fish, but I didn't care at that point...I was hungry. Well, FYI everyone, McCormick and Schmick has a happy hour! Elroy had a $1.95 half pound cheeseburger and fries basket, and I had some salmon croquets and mahimahi cakes for a wopping $4! Now granted, we spent $30 in drinks, but who the hell cares!
Once we left the restaurant we had a good ol' buzz going on and laughed at the flute playing Shania Twain and walked back to First Ave. (unfortunately the photojournalism ends here as there's no cameras allowed in at First Ave) Doors opened at 6, and as it had already passed that time, we were sure we wouldn't get rail spots. We did though, because we're awesome. lol. So, this guy comes around asking if people want to register to vote while they're waiting, which was pretty cool. I'm already registered of course, so I just start talking politics with him and he was very sweet. So, rock the vote boy leaves and suddenly the guy on my right, ironically, turns to be and wants to "educate" me on what's "wrong with Obama" and starts spouting about how Obama wants to put everyone back in the times of the soviet union and he's a socialist and yada yada blah blah. I naturally (um, hello, do I EVER hold back) tell him that he's full of shit and exactly why. This goes on for a good 20 minutes. (Elroy suprisingly doesn't want to kill me)......and while said boy does not take my political advice, he does take my beer reccomendation, so he's not ALL bad, lol.

So, Big Sand opened for Neko. Elroy decided they should just be called "rocks" afterall, isn't that what big sand is? Their lead singer was very Bill Bob Thorton-esque and their guitar player was a striking mix between cromagnum man and bart simpson. Their base player was, as agreed upon by Elroy and me, simply yummy.

Neko came on and was cute as always--her untamed red hair up and down throughout the show. She and her back up singer Kelly Hogan (who I have a girl crush on) visited the humane society earlier in the day, and they dedicated each song to a different animal at the shelter and encouraged everyone to adopt...which made me fall more inlove with both of them. The show was great, and she did 2 encore sets which was extra fabulous. I was also amazed how right wing James knew all the words to her songs, he didn't strike me as the type.

Elroy and I made a dash for cake after the show, because we both needed carbs....and we prefer our carbs covered in chocolate. (although I actually had key lime cheesecake this time)....

as always, a good time.
also as always, this blog has been edited for content, embarrassing moment, and things that we choose not to mention, lol :)


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