Sunday, July 15, 2007

around the world

What did you create today? Was it arte, kunst, nckycctbo? Truth be told, that's all the same thing. Those are all different words for art in various languages. As I've taught and worked at various trade shows over the years and been part in design teams and online forums I've been fortunate to meet hundred if not thousands of people, from all over the world. While scrapbooking has been primarily an American phenomenon, it is certainly making it's way around the world. When I was recently at CKU-Ahaheim, I met 2 amazing women from Australia, another from Brazil, and another from Switzerland. A few of my favorite on-line crafters are French. I adore a magazine from Down Under. A dear friend of mine crafts in northern England. I'm being wowed lately by a couple Asian designers and their very unique perspective. It's just so exciting to see how far scrapbooking is going--it's not just stretching across our US borders, but it's circling the globe! The Internet has a big part to do with that--forums and blogs and online shopping oh my! Thank you to all 3 for making this a truly universal hobby for all of us. I'm looking forward to making new friends from this nation and many nations all over.

So, tell me about your world-wide scrappin' experiences and friends!

here's a recent creation while I'm here. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who shot J.R.? (aka part 2 of the tradeshow discussion)

Now what was I saying? Ah, yes, the questions!
1. Will people pick one show over another to attend next winter?
2. Can the industry handle three major tradeshows a year?
3. Is the coexistence of the PMA and MemoryTrends show going to benefit either show or the retailers and manufacturers that attend?

I promised yesterday that I would give you the opinion of yours truly! And here it is!

1. Will people pick one show over another to attend next winter......yes. I think most people will, especially because they're so close together. Especially retailers, considering they have a limited budget to work with.
2. Can the industry handle three major trade shows a year. Many people may disagree with me, but I say, YES! We've seen this industry get bigger, get broader, and our tradeshows have done the same. It's important to note that CHA and Memory Trends are very different shows. Sure, there's buying to be had for retailers at both, new products to show from manufacturers, but CHA is "the big boy"....everybody knows that. Memory Trends though is an a more intimate show, JUST for scrapbooking. As a retailer or designers you don't have to wade through the many booths of fabrics, yarns, paints, woodworking etc. Don't get me wrong, all those things are great--but they apply to the broader craft industry and not to scrapbooking. Also Memory Trends places a bigger emphasis on education.
There's talk of quite a few manufacturers pulling out of Memory Trends this year, and their future commitment is unsure. There's various reasons to pull out of a show for a manufacturer. Many people don't realise the cost that goes into attending a show for a retailer. First there's the actual cost of a booth, which depends on the square footage, then there's the cost to ship your booth and product there. Once it's there there's something called "drayage." Drayage is essentially another shipping cost tacked on by the convention center staff to bring your booth from the dock to your booth space, a whopping couple hundred feet in most cases...this can cost thousands of dollars just for that! There's cost associated to have your booth set up. (many booths can't be set up by manufacturer themselves, either because they are too large or because of Union reasons depending on the location of a show) There's the carpenters that set up, the electricians that do the lighting, the people that lay the carpet...there's a different person for everything--and everything costs money. Once that's done, you have to get the manufacturer employees there to work the booth, so there's their flight costs, their hotel costs, their meal costs. So say that you spend $20,000 to go to a tradeshow as a manufacturer, all costs actually need to make far more than $20,000 at that show to make it worth it? Why? Because in most cases, the manufacturer puts out new product just for that release, which means design and manufacturing and distribution costs, and even if there is a good markup on this product, when all costs considered, they may only be making 10-30% on those initial launches. That being said, for a $20,000 show, a manufacturer really needs to have $200,000 in new product sales to make up for it........................................that being said 3 shows a year may not pay off for all manufacturers. Some smaller and new manufacturers simply can't afford more than one show a year, with out the risk of bankrupting themselves. I've seen it happen with small companies.
Back to my original point though, I still think the industry can handle 3 shows a year. Anaheim is a locked location through 2011 for CHA Winter, and Chicago will remain for at least a couple years, although there's rumor about summer becoming a traveling location in the future. Different Geography presents opportunities for more retailers/buyers/designers to attend a show at some point during the year. I do think that manufacturers will slow their releases in the future though, as a combined response of it getting to be to expensive and cumbersome to have 3 show based releases a year, and consumers becoming overwhelmed .
and finally question 3.
3. Is the coexistence of Memory Trends and PMA going to benefit either show or the retailers and manufacturers that attend?
Well, sure it will benefit the shows, especially PMA. There's another vertical market suddenly walking through the door, listening to manufacturer's pitches and placing based products will work perfectly in scrapbooking stores and merchandised areas. But, will the same thing work vice versa? Most photo stores are very small, and additional merchandisable space is hard to come by. In my opinion, I can't see many photo stores dedicating much more than 2 linear feet to scrapbooking, or a possible walk around kiosk if space allows. What would work best in those locations then would be kit and album based. Most likely the photo store consumer will not be an advanced scrapbooker, and if they are, a photo store will not be a destination location for them for scrap-supplies, unless that owner can dedicate sufficient space to product and rotate it often, which isn't likely. The store owner could however rotate less often, have a small amount of space and count on 1-up sales of beginner scrapbookers or gift buyers.

And in the words of Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that"

Feel free to let me know your thoughts--even if they're not the same!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


For those of you who have links to my blog site, make sure you's now OFFICIALLY at
learn it, live it, love it. :)
why, the change you ask? Well, the blog has always been called "Scraparoni and Cheese" but hasn't donned the address. Two, my blog has decided to take on a new life. Fear not, you'll still hear all about me and my adventures in papercrafting and beyond,(yes, I have a paper tiara, now if I just had a cape....I could save the world!), but I also want to talk about industry insights, happenings, trends-what's hot-what's not-who's hot and why, rumors, ideas....all that and a bag of chips......chip-board, of course! So, if you have any suggestions: gimme a buzz, if you like something and want more, let me know, and if don't like something, please direct complaints to my husband, he's used to it.

onto some news:
on a personal note: My camera is nikon D50 is staring at me with a sad look, and needs to be sent to the camera doctor. The flash won't stay down and the digital scroll isn't working....this sounds troubling...this sounds expensive. I better get it fixed before CHA!

Speaking of a trade show, let's talk about MemoryTrends 08.....As many of you know it was announced last year that Memory Trends 2008 would relocate from it's location for the last 7 years of Las Vegas, to Orlando Florida. Not only that, but the 07 dates and going forward would be pushed up a month from October to September. When this announcement was first made there was positive and negative feedback. There's rumors of manufacturer petitions and boycotts, while in the contrast there were smiles from some retailers and reps, saying, "finally something big in MY area of the country!" There were passionate feelings on both sides. When the dust settled though, it didn't seem to matter though, because it has since been announced that the 08 show WILL NOT go on as planned in Orlando, but instead will "coexist" with the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) show back in Vegas January 31-Feb 2 2008....a mere 4 months after their 2007 show and an even shorter week before the 2008 CHA winter show.
It was rumored for some time that CK Media, who owns and runs the Memory Trends Show was in talks with PMA.....some people even thinking one may be buying the other, so when the shows merged or decided to coexist or co-locate it wasn't much of a surprise, it was the date that was most likely a surprise. So, here's the big questions that are on everyones' mind: Will people pick one show over another to attend next winter? Can the industry handle three major tradeshows a year? Is the coexistence of the PMA and MemoryTrends show going to benefit either show or the retailers and manufacturers that attend?

Well, you know I've got something to say! And I'll say it tomorrow! (oh yeah, p.s. my new blog format also features cliffhangers......if J.R. Ewing Can do it, so can I!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's a good thing

CHA summer is only 9 days away! That means, new products, new trends, new buzz.....are you excited? I know I am!!!
What's hot right now, and what's going to be hot after the show? Well, one thing that I'm confident will continue to be hot after the show is journaling tools.
Whether it's a "random memory" or "quote of the day" stamp, a "my memories" rub-on, a "mood update" tear off sheet",a "journal curtain" or even a book of journal prompts, you're being told that journaling is important around every corner....why? BECAUSE IT IS! We have hundred, maybe thousands (I know I do) of photos...but after we're gone those photos turn into ghosts without their story. Without the words, the story is anyone's guess really. Every page doesn't have to be a novel though. It can be as simple as a can simply remember the 5 W's Penny from Inspector Gadget taught us--who, what, where when why. But what if you do want to write a little more....well then, you can do so in an envelope, a journal curtain, a match book style journal....or here's an idea---# your layouts--and keep a coordinating journal, that can give you the chance to really right that "novel" of a story behind the picture--maybe it's worth more than a 1000 words!

However you do it, do it. that one chick says, it's a good thing.
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