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why, the change you ask? Well, the blog has always been called "Scraparoni and Cheese" but hasn't donned the address. Two, my blog has decided to take on a new life. Fear not, you'll still hear all about me and my adventures in papercrafting and beyond,(yes, I have a paper tiara, now if I just had a cape....I could save the world!), but I also want to talk about industry insights, happenings, trends-what's hot-what's not-who's hot and why, rumors, ideas....all that and a bag of chips......chip-board, of course! So, if you have any suggestions: gimme a buzz, if you like something and want more, let me know, and if don't like something, please direct complaints to my husband, he's used to it.

onto some news:
on a personal note: My camera is nikon D50 is staring at me with a sad look, and needs to be sent to the camera doctor. The flash won't stay down and the digital scroll isn't working....this sounds troubling...this sounds expensive. I better get it fixed before CHA!

Speaking of a trade show, let's talk about MemoryTrends 08.....As many of you know it was announced last year that Memory Trends 2008 would relocate from it's location for the last 7 years of Las Vegas, to Orlando Florida. Not only that, but the 07 dates and going forward would be pushed up a month from October to September. When this announcement was first made there was positive and negative feedback. There's rumors of manufacturer petitions and boycotts, while in the contrast there were smiles from some retailers and reps, saying, "finally something big in MY area of the country!" There were passionate feelings on both sides. When the dust settled though, it didn't seem to matter though, because it has since been announced that the 08 show WILL NOT go on as planned in Orlando, but instead will "coexist" with the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) show back in Vegas January 31-Feb 2 2008....a mere 4 months after their 2007 show and an even shorter week before the 2008 CHA winter show.
It was rumored for some time that CK Media, who owns and runs the Memory Trends Show was in talks with PMA.....some people even thinking one may be buying the other, so when the shows merged or decided to coexist or co-locate it wasn't much of a surprise, it was the date that was most likely a surprise. So, here's the big questions that are on everyones' mind: Will people pick one show over another to attend next winter? Can the industry handle three major tradeshows a year? Is the coexistence of the PMA and MemoryTrends show going to benefit either show or the retailers and manufacturers that attend?

Well, you know I've got something to say! And I'll say it tomorrow! (oh yeah, p.s. my new blog format also features cliffhangers......if J.R. Ewing Can do it, so can I!)


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