Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Nancy is stalking me.....

well, not really...but she is insistant that I haven't updated my blog nearly enough lately. I'm being harrassed by a lot of people to be a better and more consistant blogger, Nancy's just one of the few people who like to harrass me publically. :) (love ya babe)

Okay, where I've been--what I've been doin. Well let's see--CKU-Anaheim was a couple weeks ago--I loved teaching there and spending time with some great scrappers! It was a blast (as always), and this time I got to see some great friends....Cheryl Mezzetti ("spagetti mezzetti") from Mas. She's "wicked awesome".....I could spend days and days with that girl just listening to her great accent and watching her create--she's pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.

Cheryl took me and the gals to a grrrrreat store that Mara Johnson introduced her to the day before--it was freakin' awesome. It's called Paris to the Mooon, and if you're ever in the Costa Mesa area you MUST go! It made my eyes happy--it was artsy and hip yet vintage and unique all at the same time. I'd send you to their website, but they do it old school style--they are brick and mortar only, no web no blog....it's something that just has to be seen in person.

I got to see my good friend Michelle Van Etten, as she too was teaching at CKU. She rocked out a really cool prima box and the students oooohed and ahhhhed and she's getting rave reviews for her first CKU appearance.

Beth Root is becoming a bit of a CKU groupie, as she's been a student at the last 2 in a row, and I'm quite certain she's attended about 5 or 6. That busy little bee is getting ready to launch a new store....she's always up to something!

I decided I wasn't taking any pictures with Ali this time--because I always end up with an extra 7 chins in the pictures, and she just looks cute, and then I pout. I did get a couple good shots of Tim "dancing" though. And of course some fun student shots too. I'll post those in a future post.

After CKU, I stayed a couple days to visit my lil' sis Irene and my best friend Erik, who both live in SoCal. Erik hooked Irene and I up with free tickets to Disney World and California Adventure, and we spent a really fun evening together. Erik introduced me to the infamous In&Out burger....where we ordered from the "secret menu" and made our bellies happy. (larger, but happy)

Irene, Dana and I spent a day at Venice Beach. Dana had never been there, and wanted to do something fun on her free day, and as Venice Beach is one of my favorite places, we headed the convertible in that direction.

So, I've got lots more pictures to share and loads of good stories....but it's now very late and I'm a tired Chelsea...so stay tuned. :)


Blogger NancyJones said...

MAN I wish I COULD GOOOO! WE had a huge incident here with the A/c and you know living in alabama with no a/c is the next thing to actually living in HELL. so we fixed that then my ancestral DRYER broke john told me NO YOU CANNOT ALTER IT.. JUST WATCH ME BABY! IT will have somthing pink on it fore IM DONE. SO anyway THIS MEANS... I wont get to go to chicago dangit!! Plus shingles. Need I say more. IN THE EYE! Makes travel hard. SO IM SETTING MY SIGHTS on cheryl at simply southern. That is closer to me. ANd Tracy said she is kidnapping me for memory Trends in las Vegas so MAYBEEEE I can catch you EVENTUALLLLYYYY! OR if you get close enough ::sigh::
AND I AGREE CHERYL IS afreakinmazing. whats up with the secret menu Looks like a playhouse or something. Bet Bella would loveee that. OK I SOO HAVE TO GO TO BEDDdddddd. I will unstalk(is that a word) you for a weeek or so but YOU BETTER stay in touch woman!!

June 27, 2007  

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