Thursday, June 28, 2007

ask and yee shall receive

Well, peeps were asking for more picks from CKU and my trip to Socal, so here they are!

Over 100 ladies participated in our game, "musical scrap" at the Friday night was a total blast! Thanks ladies!
My girls Cheryl Mezzetti (crafter queen) and Crystle from chipboard diva. We had a yummy dinner together one night--the guacamole made tableside was so good that Cheryl nearly proposed to the waiter!
A couple more shots from my new favorite store, Paris to the moon in Costa Mesa. Hi Kerri!

Some killer good treats at a bakery across the street from there. almost too pretty to eat (I said almost)

Tim Holtz "dancing" (please don't kill me Tim--that face is priceless)

Irene on the Swings at California adventure--so much fun!

Bean pretending to be scared (or maybe she really was) at the Monsters ride at California adventure. First she wouldn't go on the tower of terror and then forced me on monsters the ride (as in the kids movie) then Muppets 3-D...I got my revenge when I took her on the roller coaster and she informed me she nearly piddled after the first drop. :)
The cutie DJ eye candy on venice beach.

and finally my Bean from behind leaving Disney...I love my little sister, she's a doll!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Chels... I definitely think an update is in order now... at least in my INBOX if nowhere else!!!

Sandi in FL

July 06, 2007  
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July 14, 2007  

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