Thursday, October 25, 2007

I feel Al Gore's pain

It was a beautiful autumnal day in south central minnesota today. The light breeze and warm sunshine made it hard to work...but I did! It also made me sad to not have my beloved camera right now. It still hasn't been fixed. (notice how I didn't say, "I totally have ADD and continuously forget to send it into Nikon for repair", which is the truth) I MUST do that tomorrow, because I've missed quite a few nice photo opportunities. I'll be forced to use a point and shoot this weekend at the annual hayride party, booooo!

okay, a couple updates, I got second place overall in the calendar photo contest, but won the people's choice award.....interesting, sounds like the 2000 elections. Just call me Al Gore, lol....but I digress. So my photo was blown up, matted and framed and is donning my name and the photo title. It will hang in City Hall for the next year. (I don't know what happens to it after that)

I did some online shopping today...I have a nice order coming from both and oriental trading...yeah me! (I think that means I have to clean my studio and make room for the new stuff though....yuck) here's some yummy stamps and stickers I bought today. (oh %$#, I just became one of those people that uses yummy when discribing my scrap loot)

Alright, this concludes my very boring blog for today...I'll try to be more creative tomorrow.


Blogger Gina said...

I hear you, I am always adjusting my craft room! Happy holidays to you!

December 13, 2007  

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