Friday, February 29, 2008

Got slipped a Rufi

Rufus Wainwright that is! I was out in Cali for work and play for 8 days. During that time my best friend Erik and I attended the Rufus Wainwright show---which we had FRONT ROW CENTER tickets for!

So, first off, when going through bag-check on the way in they tried to say I couldn't bring my camera in because it's a professional camera--I did my best fluttering eyelashes and convinced them it wasn't professional. They noted that I had additional lenses with me, to which I said, "oh, I won't use the telephoto lenses, I promise....and I'm from the midwest-we don't lie." Well, actually I'm a big fat liar, because by the third song I had a need to see Rufi's every wrinkle and pour and slapped my telephoto lens on. :) hehehehehe, naughty me. It was so worth it though.

Here's the story on the tickets--I love Rufus, but Erik is Rufus's boyfriend (Rufus just doesn't know it yet) and is a big time fan. This was actually Erik's 6th Rufus show--never in the front row though! So, about a month or so ago I called Erik and said, "so Rufus is in town when I'm there, wanna go?" Of course he did! Tickets were sold out already, so I went to ebay...where I found a few options. I told Erik there were 2 front row center seats, but the price was a little too steep for him. (lets just say an arm and a leg...well part of a leg) we opted for 2 seats that were still in the front row, but all the way to the right side, for considerably less. Well, after we get there and have a couple drinks, we finally decide to go in and get our seats. We hand the usher our tickets and she takes us down front...but instead of turning right, like Erik was expecting, she turned left. He was thinking maybe he had the layout of the venue wrong and it was really all the way to the left side. We didn't quite make it to the left side though--because we stopped DEAD CENTER, and the usher said "here you are." and walked away. We sat down, and Erik had a very puzzled look on his face...until the light bulb went off, "YOU BOUGHT THE OTHER TICKETS!!!" to which I responded "Happy Belated Birthday!" He could have died, he was so excited!

Without further ado, I give you--the pictures I took at the Rufus show.


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