Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the sheer joy of shopping

This has been LONG awaited! (you know I'm right Kerri!) Finally, my favorite store in the WHOLE ENTIRE EARTH, Paris to the Moon, Now has an online store!!!!!!!!!!! You've probably heard/read me rave about Paris to the Moon plenty--it's a great little shop (as is their evil twin shop, Paris Underground) in Costa Mesa, CA. I only have the joy of visiting once a year--but when I do, Kerri is just so wonderful and welcoming! (I heart Kerri) The site is still under construction, and they're continuously adding new items (cough, cough--Kerri--PULEEEZE get the treasures from the sea up soon--you know how I love my mermaids!!!). And of course-if you get the chance--DO DO DO go visit them if you're in southern california!!!!!!!


Blogger ~ Maggie Crawford ~ said...

i will check them out as soon as site is ready!

April 18, 2008  
Blogger Ms Dragonfly said...

you've made me curious, i'll stop by and have a look see.

April 18, 2008  

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