Monday, April 07, 2008

Arty Fartsy, the painting Tartsy

I was feeling rather artsy fartsy today, and decided to play around with some paint....I don't usually paint---well, that's not true, I paint alot, but I rarely paint things that are discernible, like people or places or figures...I'm more of a Pollach type of painter--happy messes. But, inspired by Suziblu (my favorite youtube art vlogging goddess) I decided to do a "self portrait"'s an old vlog of hers and I've watched it a bazillion times--but I was afraid (yes, me, chelsea morning no fear art princess was afraid-make a note) my self portrait doesn't look like me, andi t isn't exactly a beauty....but it's beautiful because I did it (or atleast I'm telling myself)--and yours will be beautiful when you do it. :) There's lots of happy layers--most of which you can't see because they're hidden under gesso and paint, but they're there. (it's like a little secret)

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Blogger ~ Maggie Crawford ~ said...

your right ...
it's beeee-u-tiful!!
just dropping by to check out another mn girls blog ...

April 09, 2008  

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