Monday, April 07, 2008

random thoughts on a sunday evening

well, technically monday morning--but, it's still Sunday somewhere--like California. :)

Let's see....well I had a migraine a good deal of the day today and spent most of the daylight hours in bed. My doggy was a good snuggler and tried to make his mommy feel better. Unfortunately I didn't get to have my weekly Sunday chat with my Dad. He called but I think I shooed him away in a semi-sleeping pained state. (sorry Daddy..I'll call tomorrow)

Oh, a miracle! When I finally did get my arse out of bed, the little cleaning bug crawled up my behind again and I went downstairs and started to work on the studio-yeah! Now, don't go thinking that's it's actually clean yet--but I did manage to clean off my work space/desk/old kitchen table from when I was a kid (and apparently used as a ping pong table when my stepmom was a if you ask me I have one cool ass work space), anywho--since that's cleaned off, I'm like 1/100th of the way done, lol (seriously people, it's Messy, and we're not talking hot ghetto mess--we're talking "what the hell happened in here, I hope I don't find someone dead under any of this" mess) So, I'll keep working.

I bought a new Holga...and I'm hella excited about it. (yeah, I'm goin old school and throwing the hella in there, cuz I'm a dork like that, deal.) I also bought a cheap tripod from ebay (one of my vices--god help me)'s nothing great, but I wanted a cheap back up one, it'll be good for doing long exposures, as long as it's not inclement conditions, because it's not the sturdiest thing. I have a heavy duty one--but it's just that, heavy duty--and heavy, and not the most convenient for travel. I'm planning on getting a gorilla pod for slr's soon--because they're awesome--and I need. (please note fine line between want and need)

Al and I are going to see Margaret Cho again at the end of the month in Chicago--I'm psyched about that--because she's awesome. Unfortunately, it's the same day as the sox game my brother wanted me to go with. :( I hate missing out on a Sox game, especially with my family. Hopefully there'll be a different time this spring or summer that me and Buddy can go together. Speaking of Bud, we've been playing phone tag all weekend--I promise we'll talk soon bro!

Wow, that was a lot of rambling and not a lot said---well, I'll start posting photos and art soon, as I'm beginning to see spring and my studio again, both very very good things!


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