Thursday, June 05, 2008

Pretty in Pink and a little Goth for good measure


Trash the Dress shoot #3 and #4. Steph and I branched out from just wedding dresses and found a killer 80's prom dress that needed to be destroyed, and we were oh so happy to oblige. We shredded the bottom of the dress, and removed some hideous lace sleeves, and headed out for our very own Molly Ringwall ala Pretty in Pink shoot. The men at the cement plant were perplexed but willing to let us shoot, and that's all we can ask.
Afterwards we headed to Hiniker Pond "the pit" for another wedding dress shoot--you wouldn't guess--but she's actually wearing the same dress as a previous shoot (the Gone with the Wind done 80's style) simply turned inside out. DSC_2506It was Steph's brilliant idea and it worked like a charm. After the water shots we headed to an old cemetery in town for some sad "love lost" shots. We're having far too much fun with this. Andrea asked me yesterday, "how many dresses are the two of you going to ruin?" and the answer, "as many as the summer allows us"

I'm working on doing a slide show set to music and will post that when it's done--in the meantime, check out all the pictures from today's shoot at my flickr site


Anonymous Cara said...

These are sweet! You're freaking awesome with that camera.
Looks like you're having fun. I'm glad!

June 13, 2008  
Blogger Ki said...

WOW - amazing stuff! Your subject is gorgeous!! Her eyes completely jump off the pics!!

June 18, 2008  

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