Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trash the Dress

Steph and I did our first Trash the Dress shoot today--she's become my muse. Honestly, Steph is one of those girls that is so pretty I could take a picture of her covered in shit, and people would be like, "who's that girl--she's beautiful"....true.

Considering it was my first shoot for the project, I think it went quite well--here's a few pics, but please check out the entire stream of them on my flickr site . I appreciate all comments and critiques! (constructive crit is really okay :))


I'm lucky enough to have access to my in-laws farm--where we took ALL the pictures father in law has "art" (as he refers to it in the backyard)...his "stairway to purgatory" so that was fun to take shots on, as was the pond. we've got plenty more ideas up our sleeve (or lack there of), and can't wait to do our next shoot!


Blogger ~ Maggie Crawford ~ said...

oh my god that looks like waaaaaaay to much fun!! i love the idea... i never wore a wedding dress.. i would love to get one & trash it!!!
a good mudd fight ...roll down a hill... jumping in puddles... dancing in the rain!!
the stairs to purgatory are fabulous...
she is a beautiful girl.. i'll go check out flicker..
we must meet when you are up .. or i am down :)
chelsea you are a crafty arty pirate!!

May 31, 2008  
Blogger Ki said...

Yup, I agree, you could cover her in shit and she'd still be GORGEOUS!

Thinking of you and hope all is well with you!

June 18, 2008  

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