Friday, May 02, 2008

weekend plans

well, unfortunately, Mother Nature is giving us another icky weekend. (with slight potential for a nice-ish day on Sunday).....but I won't let it ruin my weekend!

So, tomorrow, Jason and I are off to the cities to go to our favorite pub. It has a FABULOUS beer selection, and anyone that knows me and Jason know that we're suckers for a good brew. They don't brew any of their own beers there, but there tap and bottle selection of fine brewers more than makes up for that fact.

We're also going to head to a new store I'm really really excited about. Finding good vegan shoes and accessories isn't easy in main-stream stores (yes most of the shoes at Target are vegan but they're not of the best qualities, or guaranteed to not be sweat-shop produced). I find myself having to shop on the web a lot--but this new store may take care of some of those issues---Check it out!

Maybe I can convince Jason to go to Ikea while we're up there---I think he prays to the shopping gods that he can occupy me elsewhere and I won't try to drag him into Ikea every time we head up to the Twin Cities! I can't help it though--Ikea calls my name (yes, I know there's medication for that)

I hope everyone has a grrrrreat weekend, wherever you are!


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