Monday, April 28, 2008

Today's art journal entry, "Flutter-by, Fly Free" I hope to see some butterflies soon, but the weather here in Minnesota has been uncooperative. It was a beautiful weekend home in Chicago, the high 70's on Friday and 60's on Saturday. So, it was disappointing to come back to Minnesota only to find out it had both rained and snowed over the weekend, and the highs this week are only in the 40's. Jason's hops are growing inches a day in their temporary pots in the dining room, itching to get into the ground. We can't till and plant them until the weather turns and there's no chance of a frost.

I saw Margaret Cho on saturday night with my good friend Al in Chicago. We enjoyed some shopping on the north side and some yummy eats at EarWax Cafe before the show. After Margaret brought down the house, we met up with my brother and his boyfriend again on the north side for hours of fun and drinks. (I'll share some pics when Al and/or my brother send me some....I know I know, it's crazy--but I didn't bring my camera!!)


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