Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm not in denial. I'm not a good painter, or a good drawer. There's no hope of me becoming the next Monet. But I draw anyway, I paint anyway...because I can. CAN does not mean that I possess a god given talent to do so, but it does means that I possess hands and passion. I used to be afraid to draw and paint, but I've come to realize that in embracing my lack of talent in this medium, I have no reason to fear. Since there's no chance of producing the next Water Lilies and Giverny, I'm free to happily produce crap. That's what I'm come to love most about my art journal---I'm not doing it as a present for someone...I'm not doing it as a magazine assignment....I'm not doing it for a book....I'm doing it for me. I've been happily surprised with a few pages that I've completed, and that's just an extra bonus. Here's my crap from this weekend.
Doing this "crap" has been a great escape from what I know and what's comfortable to me, as far as art and creatives are concerned. Eventually I'll have to get back to them--I have some deadlines coming up. Damn the man for making me clean my studio, lol!

Well, as I mentioned in my last blog, Jason and I went to the cities this weekend. Fast and Furless was great and I ordered a new pair of Earth shoes. Unfortunately the owner called me today to tell me that the shoes I ordered are out of stock with the company (except in pink, and that's SO not going to happen) So, I have to either pick a different pair (which is disappointing because their sandal styles were too narrow for me....grrr)

So, as a type I'm watching ONCE, which if you haven't seen it yet--you must--watch it again and again, and smile and laugh and sing along and let it break your heart. God, I love this movie. I promise you'll love it too. If you're not familiar with Glen Hansard, he's the lead singer of the Frames, and besides that, turns out to be a great actor. Falling Slowly, one the best song this year at the Oscars. Plus, I love Irish films, and Irish singers.


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