Tuesday, May 27, 2008

set 'em on fire

Today Steph (the new friend mentioned in the last blog), and I went to a consignment store in town in search of a wedding dress. Well, we found 2.......and at the whopping total of only $40 TOTAL!!! I mentioned to Steph in an email last night that I'm looking for some willing subjects to help me add some Trash the Dress photos to my portfolio, and she was all over it. I understand her not wanting to use her own wedding dress (she's getting married the first week of July), so we were on the hunt for alternative dresses to use. One of them is so the bomb---it's like Gone with the Wind interpreted in the worst high 80's fashion possible--it's gonna be great....big and poofy and full of gaudy fabric roses. We're already thinking of some great ideas for shoots with her it in---on on horse, in the mud, playing with spray paint.....and finally, setting in on fire while she's in it. (don't worry....we're planning this out including fireproofing body lotion, a fire retardant crinoline, and assistants with extinguisher and water standing by) It's gonna fucking rock though, and that's all I can say! Stay tuned for pics! (oh, and a BIG thanks to Steph for being rad as hell and willing to go along with my crazy stunts....as a matter of fact I said to her while she was in the dressing room trying on said dresses, "it'd be cool to go down to the train yard and have you hop some trains.....if you're up for some illegal activity" and I heard from inside the dressing room, "ALWAYS!!!" I knew we'd get along perfectly!)


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