Saturday, May 24, 2008


About a month or so ago a girl here in mankato contacted me through my flickr site. She noted that she liked my photography and wondered if I'd been doing any freelance work lately and if I'd be interested in shooting a wedding. I've wanted to do some weddings but haven't had the opportunity yet, so I was really excited by the offer. Unfortunately it turned out that I'll be in Europe during her wedding. I asked her if she'd be open to the possibility of me taking some engagement (or general) shots of her and her fiance, as I'm always looking for guinea pigs to expand my portfolio. (and who's gonna pass up a free photo shoot!) Finally Steph and I got together yesterday at a local coffee shop she works at. Turns out....yeah, her and her fiance Mike are totally awesome and fun. Here's wear the serendipity comes in though---I've been looking for a tattooed couple willing to be "half naked" for me in some photographs--nothing too risque as they'd be embracing and therefore no breasts would be showing. SOOOOO...Steph and Mike have tattoo piece that travels from his arm to her back and meet up when the embrace---it's like it was meant to be! I took some impromptu shots yesterday, but am really looking forward to photographing them in a more controlled environment. Oh, and get this--Mike is working on becoming a tattoo artist. His drawings are fan freaking tastic and he wants to work on a piece for me.
Hello Serendipity, nice to meet you.


Blogger suzi blu said...

I FINALLY got around to adding your site to my blog!

May 25, 2008  
Blogger ~ Maggie Crawford ~ said...

don't ya love that??
even the word

love love the photos..very cool!

May 26, 2008  
Blogger Mike & Steph said...

Hoorah! Hoorah!

I'm excited for this endevour! I know many great things will come out of it.

May 27, 2008  
Anonymous cheryl mezzetti said...

Love the ink shots....I did some a few years ago using marah's new Love Struck line for the Show!
Hope you are having a good weekend!

June 07, 2008  

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