Thursday, May 29, 2008

new art, wet furniture and Clay Aiken's having a baby

WTF!?!?!? Clay Gayken is having a baby....with a woman?????? Hey, TMZ said must be true (ish) wow. yeah, wow.

moving backwards from the title...wet furniture. It's RAINING like a mo-fo outside right now...too bad I have stuff in the bed of my pick-up truck. We've got 2 cars in the garage--so I can't pull it in--and it was too heavy to carry myself. :( I scored this kick ass vintage makeup vanity at the ReStore) and Steph found a gnarly electric fireplace there. I think/hope the fireplace should be okay, it's mostly made of metal....and hopefully the wood on the vanity won't warp...even after 3 fucking inches of rain....can you tell I'm annoyed!?!?!?!?!

Finally, some new art.

I worked on a small piece (the little birdie collage) a couple weeks ago for Al, but wanted to work on a cooler larger piece for him. This one is 14x14. Here's the info/meaning behind the details---first, Al loves the #5...he owns it (really, I've seen the title to the number, lol) second Al is a huge audiophile, hence the sheet music collaged on the 5, third his stage name for his band is "A*Star" so hence the stars, and finally if you look close on the bottom of the 5, one of the songs start with "AL" there it is, you know what I know. It's acrylic paint on canvas, with some happy glitter, stitching, collage and metallic pens.

If I stop crying about my ruined vanity perhaps I'll get to the post office tomorrow to mail it to Al.


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